About Us


CrossFit Personal Best was established in February of 2013. Paris Kiripatea spent several years working within the fitness industry in many roles, among them, group exercise instructors, personal trainers and strength and conditioning coaches. Paris also provides services such as group exercise classes for all ages including children and the elderly, work closely with disabled clients and can also host corporate “challenges” or team building events.

CrossFit Personal Best is located at 20 Stevens St, Nerang, Gold Coast, QLD

What is CrossFit?

I can confidently say CrossFit is for everyone. If I was to quote what we learn as the definition of CrossFit I would say “It’s constantly varied functional movement performed at a high intensity” that leads to an “increased work capacity over broad time and modal domains.” But what does that mean in plain English? It means you will be tested everyday over a wide range of “functional movements” lifting heavy objects, gymnastic/body weight movements, cardio vascular endurance (running, swimming, rowing) and more. What might be of more interest is we often combine all of these elements and put you against the clock, making each days challenge more intense but also a great reference for a future retest, enabling you to track the progress of your fitness. As you become more proficient in each fitness domian you will also be encouraged to learn more skills, become more efficient in your movement, lift heavier, move faster. The result over time is the ability to perform more work and more tasks faster in multiple fitness disciplines and the longer you stick at it the better, faster, stronger and fitter you will become and as a cool side effect you will also become more aesthetically pleasing too. With all this in mind CrossFit is all of the above and more.

Each individual experience of CrossFit will differ from person to person, but for us the goal is simple – To create a community of “Ninjas” by helping everyday people achieve their Personal Best in health and fitness.

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