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20-03-13 Technique the Snatch and the Clean

Champion weightlifter Donny Shankle addresses the true character of the world’s fastest lift.

The snatch is one of two exercises in the sport of weightlifting. It involves lifting a barbell from the floor up and over your head in one motion. Many hours are spent in the gym practicing the snatch, trying to get as close to perfection as possible. Because the movement is so quick, there is little room for error. The slightest mistake will cause you to miss the lift, especially once you are lifting near maximum effort.

Every weightlifter eventually develops a style unique to his or her body type, strength proficiency and skill competence. Yet, despite all the necessary physical tools a weightlifter needs in order to snatch well, the exercise becomes very much a mental test once the weight becomes heavy. As the name “snatch” implies, you must move as quickly as possible during the exercise. Any hesitation during the lift will almost always cause you to miss.

Time devoted to hard work in the gym lifting weights expands your comfort level with the exercise. Your muscles become stronger and more flexible. The positions you need to be in to snatch well begin to make sense to you. Most importantly, you develop the coordination requisite as a beginner to eventually break free of naive appreciation.

After you are introduced to the snatch and become familiar with her as an exercise, you eventually see the dark side of the bitch’s character.


WOD 110313

A: Every minute on the minute for 7 minutes

3 squat cleans



notice in the picture how vertically “tall” the lifter gets before getting under the barbell and how straight

the lifters arms are on both the first and second pull



B: Nancy courtesy of CFHQ

5 rounds of

400m Run

15 Overhead Squats 43/30