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WOD 280214


Warm up

1600m Run


Working in teams of 3 through 3 10 minute AMRAPs


2 Legless rope climbs

Toes to bar

Air Squats


3 Turkish get ups – per hand 20/10

Box Jumps

Sit ups


5 Wall walks

Reverse burpees

Hand release push ups

Score is total reps of toes to bar, air squats, box jumps, sit ups, reverse burpees and hand release push ups. The group will rotate through the exercises in the AMRAP when rope climb, turkish get ups or wall walks are completed.


WOD 270214


Warm up


10 Hollow Rocks

10 Shoulder Touches

10 Superman Rocks

10 sec L-sit hold


Running/Rowing with “Diane” – modified by CFPB

400m Run

21 Deadlifts 102/70

21 Handstand Push ups

250m Row

400m Run

15 Deadlifts 102/70

15 Handstand push ups

250m Row

400m Run

9 Deadlifts 102/70

9 Handstand push ups

250m Row

WOD 240214


Warm up


150m Run (loop)

10 Ring rows

10 Push ups

10 Jump squats

10 Sit ups


A: EMOM for 10 minutes

7 Chest to bar pull ups

30 Double unders

Rest 5 minutes

B: EMOM for 10 minutes

7 Front Squats 60/40

5 Lateral burpees (over bar)

WOD 210214


Warm Up


400m Run

10 Hindu Push ups

10 Hip extension to bridge

Partner WOD

30 minute Ladder


Snatch 60/40

Box Jump 24/20

Chest to Bar Pull up

30 double unders

Each person will complete the round of 3 reps then 6, 9, 12… double unders stay at 30 reps per round.

WOD 180214

Warm up

Stretch and Mobility


Within 45 minutes complete

A: 5km Run

B: Cindy AMRAP

5 Pull ups

10 Push ups

15 Squats

Note – Record your 5km run time. Use the time remaining to complete as many rounds of Cindy possible e.g if you complete the run in 30 minutes you have a 15 minute AMRAP of Cindy


WOD 140214

Warm up


10 Step ups 20″

10 Hollow rocks

10 Hindu Push ups

Partner WOD

For time

20 150m Run altenate (each lap)

200 Goblet Squats 24/16 (alternate every 10 reps)

100 KB Snatches 24/16

200 V-sit twist 24/16 (alternate every 10 reps)

20 150m Run altenate (each lap)