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WOD 011214


Warm up


30 double unders

20 lunges

10 push ups

10 ring rows


A: EMOM for 12 minutes

Odd – 5 Strict pull ups OR max unbroken reps if unable to do 5

Even – 10 Box jumps 24/20

B: 1RM Clean and jerk (10 mins)

Increase weight until you miss an attempt, then stop there.

C: Max reps in 3 minutes

Back squat.

Using the 1RM weight lifted in the C+J. Weight taken from the rack.

D: For time – 2 minute cap

Burpee sprint

5 Burpees

5 Burpees (onto a plate)

5 Burpees (Facing wall ball)

5 Burpee box jumps 24/20


WOD 281114


Warm up


10 second L-sit hold

10 broad jumps

10 plank push ups

10 second handstand hold

GRID races

Race 1: Relay style

14 dumbbell snatches

12 wall balls

8 box jump overs 24/20

Race 2: Relay style

1 Rope climb

10 Burpee step ups 20/10

6 Wall walks

1 Loop

Race 3: Synchronized

10 Strict pullups

10 Clean and Jerks

10 Overhead KB lunges 16/12

10 Reverse burpees

Race 4:


Tyre flips

Tyre jumps



WOD 271114


Warm up

4x (all with a broomstick)

3 Snatch grip shrugs

3 Snatch grip high pulls

3 Power snatches

3 Snatch balances

3 Squat snatches


A: 3-3-2-2-1-1-1 Snatch

B: Modified “Amanda” – courtesy of CFHQ


Muscle up

Squat snatches 61.5/40

100 double unders between rounds


WOD 251114


Warm up


40 Double unders

10 Goblet squats

10 Push ups

10 Hanging leg raises (strict)


A: EMOM for 7 minutes

Barbell complex of

Power clean

Hang squat clean

Push press

Split jerk

B: For time (10 minute cap)


Deadlift 70/40

Lateral jumps over bar

C: 3x 500m Row

WOD 211114


Warm up


10 hollow rocks

10 hindu push ups

10 hindu squats

1 loop

Team GRID Races

Classes will be divided into 2 teams, each team will then be sorted into pairs. Teams will race pairs against each other the winner scoring a point, the team with the most points wins.

Race 1: In pairs, done relay style

10 Air squats

10 Sit ups

10 Burpees (onto plate)

10 KB Swings

Race 2: In pairs. One person will complete the list of exercises before the other starts

1 loop

5 Toes to bar

1 rope climb


Race 3: In pairs. One person will complete the list of exercises before the other starts

1-3-5-7 KB Thrusters 16/12 (each hand)

Race 4: Double points

4 people from each team. Teams will nominate a person for each task

10 C2B pull ups

10 snatches 60/40

10 burpee box jump

10 bar muscle ups/burpee pull ups

As always these GRID style races, like the WOD, will be scaled to your ability. Our aim is to have fun with it and get as many people involved as possible. Check the link for a snippet of what GRID athletes get up to



WOD 201114

Warm up


40 double unders

10 ring rows

10 push ups

10 banded good mornings

10 hanging leg raises


A: EMOM for 10 minutes

3 Strict presses (bar taken from floor)

Increase weight each minute.

B: 1RM Split jerk (10 minutes)

C: 10-10-10 Deadlift + 3RM broad jump + 10 one arm KB or DB snatch 24/16

Use the weight achieved in 1RM split jerk for the deadlift and between sets work up to your 3RM broad jump and perform 10 one arm KB snatches per arm.

WOD 181114

Warm up


15 calorie row

10 goblet squats

10 banded good mornings

10 box jumps 20″


A: EMOM for 10 minutes

3 Squat cleans

Increase weight every minute, then go immediately into B

B: 1RM Squat clean (5 minute cap)

C: 5-5-5-5-5 Back squat + Max box jump + 10 single leg deadlift 16/24

Use the weight achieved in 1RM squat clean for the back squat and between sets work up to your highest box jump and perform 10 single leg deadlifts each leg.

WOD 171114

Warm up

Run 400m, then


10 hindu push ups

10 second L-sit hold

10 broad jumps

10 second L-sit hold


Every 10 minutes for 40 mins

A: 10-8-6-4-2

Overhead squat 40/25

Toes to bar

B: 5 rounds of

1 Rope climb

12 Burpees

C: 3-6-9-12-15

Pull ups

Box Jumps 24/20

D: 50-35-20

Kettlebell swing (Russian) 24/16

Sit ups

Double unders

With a running clock, perform the tasks allocated to A, B, C and D within each work stations 10 minute cap. If you finish “A” in 2 minutes you will then have an 8 minute rest before starting “B” alternatively if you finish “A” in 9 minutes you will have a 1 minute rest before starting “B”. Start anywhere but move through in sequence e.g. start at C then do D, B, A. Record times that you complete each station in or total reps completed within cap.

WOD 141114

Partner warm up


10 Over/unders

30 double unders/plank hold

10 hanging leg raises/handstand hold

1 loop

Partner WOD

for time – 50 minute cap

2.4km Row

100 Burpee box jumps 20″

90 Deadlifts 120/80

80 DB push press 20/10

70 Double unders each (done together)

60 Reverse burpee box jump overs

50 KB swings each 24/16 (done together)

40 Medicine ball sit ups 6kg

30 Sled pushes 75/50

20 Tyre flips

10 Rope climbs

Run blocks B+C