CFPB Commandments

We were going to call them rules but they are no more rules than wearing clothing or covering your mouth when you cough are rules. These are just basic points of etiquette for being a positive member of this little community we call CrossFit Personal Best

Be on time – Get in early and get the days allocated warm up done ahead of the class starting time as classes will start whether or not you are warmed up or late, if you do turn up late please get ready and jump in with the group as fast and with as little disruption as possible.

Do not drop the empty bars – barbells with rubber bumper plates are designed to be dropped. Empty barbells are NOT, especially the lighter ones. This also applies to dumbbells, individual plates and the kettlebells. Please be respectful of the equipment.

Control your bounces – bumper plates bounce and usually sideways, especially the 5kg and 10kg. Never, ever drop a bar and walk away. We would hate to see your bar smash the shins of your fellow athlete beside you. Keep your hands in contact with the bar as you drop and control where it goes.

Have a plan – the WOD will be posted every evening at 9pm the night before, so check out what awaits you and have a plan ready when you come into the gym. We should never hear “I don’t have the right shirt/shoes/bra/etc” for this!” If you need to scale something or a movement isn’t going to happen on a particular day, just let the coach know when you come in. We’re more than happy to make modifications.

Set up, tidy up – Know your weights and scaling and help us set up the equipment you’ll need for the WOD. When you’re done, you can breathe again, and you’ve peeled yourself off the floor please unload and replace your bars, put away your slam balls, hang up your skipping ropes, etc. We appreciate the help and a tidy gym is a happy gym.

Take your DNA with you – Make sure to wipe your sweat angels off the floor, equipment, benches, or chairs. The same goes for blood, chunks of skin, tears, spit, and vomit. I know CrossFit is a bonding experience, but we’re not that close and nobody wants to be!

Be nice, be supportive – always be ready to offer a kind or encouraging word to your fellow athletes. If you finish first, stick around when possible to cheer for the rest of the group. Be ready for high fives when it’s all done. If you notice an issue with another person’s form, range of motion, or cheating, never address the person directly. Discuss it with the coach and let them handle it.

Family Friendly? Yes. Feral Friendly? Not so much – We are a family friendly environment and there is nothing like being a positive, healthy role model for your children, there are however some guidelines you must be aware of before brining your children to the gym

  • Children must stay off the matted area and away from equipment while classes are running
  • Let them know that they need to be quiet while the coaches are speaking

We have children of our own and realise kids will be kids, just help them understand that we would all appreciate them on their best behaviour

Check your ego at the door – Everybody sucks at something, so be prepared to handle it like an adult when we find your thing. It’s ok to have an off day too, and trying to push the weight or speed when you can’t handle it is a recipe for injury. Don’t be too competitive or proud to scale a WOD and if you come last don’t worry we’ve all been there. Remember the WOD results do not define you as a person, they are merely a current measurement of you on a path toward long term health and fitness. Most importantly, have FUN

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